Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy List Saturdays

I can't believe this is only the 2nd time I have done a happy list on Saturday.
Probably because I work most Saturdays and by the time I get home, I have forgotten!

My happy list this week: 

1. My husband, has really taken care of a lot of loose ends this week, I am so grateful he is here to help me keep up. He managed to take care of most everything this week, so in my down time I was able to enjoy our family and go for walks, play in River's Garden and work on my birthstone project.

2. My sons, both of them bring me so much joy. I miss River terribly, but I'm so happy to be his mother and do things to honor his life with us. Rainbow babe undoubtedly makes me smile, ALL of the time. He is developing such a sweet personality. Let me tell you, this kid's hugs are THE best!!! I often think River is hugging us through his arms. 

3. My job - don't get me wrong, I dream of someday not having to go to work 40 hours a week, but I really do love what I do. We are in the middle of the Summer Reading Program and it is so wonderful to see so many local youth so excited to read and win prizes. We have had a great turn out for our programs, and it is really a blessing to be part of such wonderful things for our community.

4. We are going to volunteer at Faith's Lodge tonight. Any visit to this amazing place is worth mentioning.

5. Seeing as it is Father's Day weekend, I should give a mention to my parents. They really support everything I do. Sometimes they say they can't keep up with me, but they never discourage me from anything. My husband's parents are the same and we would not have gotten this far in life if it weren't for their support.

6. My bloggy friends have been amazing!!! Thank you all for reading, for listening, for supporting and just for being you. I am so sorry for the reason most of us connected, but so grateful to have every one of you and your children in my life. 

For now, this completes my happy list today. I really should do this every Saturday as it makes me stop and think about the wonderful things I have in my life. {I think this was Natasha's point in creating this blog hop!?} I'm going to have to try and make the time to get this done :)


Caroline said...

What a great list !! I love looking at all the happy in the week. Wishing you a wonderful upcoming Happy week ahead !!!

Yay for summer reading

Natasha said...

Great list this week! I love that your family and your work make you so happy!!! AND I love love love summer reading! I was always the kid at the library checking out 30 books each Saturday!



Wonderful happy list and so glad that your rainbow baby makes you so happy and being a fellow SIDS mommy, know the pain of missing that other special baby.

Raquel said...

Love your list! As a reading teacher, I am excited to see reading promoted over the summer! Makes my heart happy. Totally know what you mean about the hugs. When my little M hugs me it's like the two of them are hugging me.

Thank you for sharing!


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