Monday, January 31, 2011

River's Run and Ride Rally Updates!

*UPDATE* As of today, 02/01/2011, River's Run and Ride Rally is officially 501(c)(3)!!!! This is the most AMAZING news!! It really brought tears to my eyes that we will be able to continue to help so many people. River lives on, through the hard work and dedication of our board of directors, to bring help, healing and hope to those enduring hardships!

Things are really coming together!
Our events are listed on our website, there are some amazing donations that have been sent to us already and we have amazing support in sponsors!!

Full Sponsors:

Partial Sponsors:

B&L Caskets & Custom Wood Products - Co-owners: Adam Broten & Cash Langeness (715)327-4200

Thank you to all of our supporters! Through your generosity we are able to reach so many people and families in need. We appreciate your kindness!!!


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