Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 So Far

Well, this year has been incredibly busy and we are only 3 days in! I vowed to get as much done before going back to work yesterday as I possibly could, and I did pretty well! I have been working hard on getting organized, creating a feasible schedule for our household, and of course playing with precious Asher as much as I can!

I started going to the gym again, something that over the last few months, had become lost in the madness. It feels good, and it's only been a few days! I need to get into shape if I am going to keep up with myself or our rainbow baby that is trying to walk!

I began work on the River's Rally website, so much information to share there, and it's so nice to have a user friendly site for both me and viewers! (Thank you Jesse, for your patience and help on this!) I started a database of people and places that we mailed donation request letters to before the end of the year, and a list of those I have thought of since then.

We decided what to do for our 30th birthdays yesterday. It looks like we are inviting everyone to the Pizzeria for dinner on my birthday (Saturday), as Ben's birthday is Sunday and the Superbowl will be on...which is always a great way to spend a birthday! We are hoping that the Packers keep up momentum and do well in the playoffs!

I started to send out emails for the meeting we are having in 2 weeks regarding beginning a chapter of The Compassionate Friends in our area. Ben and I would be chapter leaders! I know, I know...who needs more on their plate right? It's something I wish I'd had closer when River passed away and I will consider it a privilege to help others that have to endure this pain.

So we are on our way to a very busy, but meaningful 2011, watching Asher grow and working hard to help others in memory of his big brother. Someday he will understand the reason behind all the craziness that goes on in our home!

Hoping that everyone can find peace and hope as we embrace a new year, while remembering children that cannot be with us to hold in our arms, but will be with us in our hearts forever.


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