Monday, December 6, 2010

Things and People In My Life

I woke up today and something was just different. It took me a bit as I didn't have to be to work right away, but it is the 6th...

It seems this day sometimes creeps up on me. May 6th, 2009 is the last morning I kissed my precious River before he passed away. The last morning I hugged him and held him close, the last morning I got to see his eyes open, so bright and alive with wonder. It amazes me how vivid I can still recall all of those moments, and all of his beautiful features. It also amazes me that I can't imagine my life before having him in it. I am who I am today because of him and his short time on earth. I will always be his mommy, he walks with me in everything I do, every moment of every day.

I would like to share a few other things, I am paired with an amazing mother, in the Faces Of Loss, Faces Of Hope gift exchange. Her name is Melissa, and you can read her beautiful Mikayla's story here:
It is a beautiful blog and I can't help but read it every day. Well, as I got the email and was reading about Mikayla, my brain was already in high gear with ideas. Then I got a subsequent email that was from Melissa. Turns out that we had met briefly when Ben and I had served dinner at Faith's Lodgein October! So, then I really got thinking and I hope that I have come up with something wonderful to send them for Mikayla this year. I have been filled with so much joy in creating this gift for her family.

Next, I entered a giveaway that Melissa was doing, and I won! I am getting a gorgeous memory box for my sweet River. I have always wanted one of these! So, to Melissa I am so grateful and I appreciate your work in memory of River.
Lastly, we are making our annual ornaments for River and we have come up with a magnificent idea. I am so anxious to get to work on them! I will share pictures once they have been given out.

To think, that all of these things and all of these people would not be in my life if it weren't for River. I love you baby boy and am so thankful that I got to carry you for 9 amazing months and to hold you for 6 of the best days of my life. I am thankful for the things and people you have brought into my life. I miss you with all of my heart.


Melissa said...

Ah, I know those days...when you just wake up and something's not right and then it hits you. I love how you said that he walks with you in everything you do, in every moment of the beautiful. I do believe that through this brief experience with our children we can learn great things...and connecting with other bereaved parents is one of them. So glad we have had this chance to share our journeys.

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