Thursday, December 23, 2010

River's Second Christmas

This Christmas is very different from last year. We are celebrating Asher's first Christmas, and what should be River's second! The biggest difference is that we actually got a tree this year, a real one and decorated it. We had done this in years prior, but didn't last year as we just had a very special tree for River, which has become a permanent fixture in our house!

We have done many special things to include River in our holidays, as we did last year:

*I participated in a wonderful gift exchange through Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope, as you may have read in an earlier post, it was beautiful to receive gifts in the mail for my precious baby from Melissa, Mikayla's mommy!
*River's Run & Ride Rally, Inc. purchased gifts for Operation Christmas.
*Ben and I bought a gift card when we went to dinner last night and had the cashier give it to the next customer.
*We had the beautiful candle lighting on the 12th, and our make-up one with The Compassionate Friends in Maplewood last night.
*We made ornaments again this year, as well as a candle for the grandparents.
*We purchased another brick for the path at Faith's Lodge from Asher.
*We write letters to him to put into his stocking as well.
These are all things we do because of our love for River. I think that many people forget that, we love him just as much as if he were here physically.
I am not quite as anxious about attending family functions this year as I was last Christmas, although it will be hard to see Asher opening gifts and there won't be any for River. We did get 2 ornaments from our parents for the tree, and they are so beautiful and it was so thoughtful. I will have to share pictures of these when I get a chance. I am still nervous about family functions because I think sometimes people feel uncomfortable when we talk about River, but he is a part of our lives and we aren't going to pretend like he isn't.
I hope that all of you have a safe, peaceful holiday season, filled with hope as we remember that our children live on, always in our hearts and on our minds.


Melissa said...

I've always wanted to do a pay it forward like you did in the restaurant...great idea! Merry Christmas to you Deanna, I am so glad that we were able to connect through our children and I just know that River and Mikayla are having a joyous celebration in Heaven!

Deanna said...

Last year, we ended up sitting by a gentleman that was talking to the waitresses about missing his wife so we got him a gift certificate and had the host give it to him. We knew he was feeling lost without her, just like we were without River. We didn't have that type of setting this year, but decided that we will continue that as one of River's Christmas presents. I am glad too, Melissa, that we have found help in each other. I have imagined River and Mikayla playing together! We told Asher about Mikayla when we were making your gifts, and we tell him that these things we do are for River's friends in Heaven. Hopefully one day he will understand. Thinking of you!

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