Friday, April 29, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend is quite eventful, despite the fact that our "big event" is actually next weekend!

First of all, today is Spring for SIDS day:

Secondly, tomorrow is sweet River's 2nd birthday! I cannot even believe it. 2 years ago, tomorrow at 6:06pm my first child, a handsome little boy was born and my heart grew bigger than I ever thought possible with all of the love he gave me.

River - Thank you sweetheart, for showing me something in 6 short days that most people wait for their whole lives. I hope you have an amazing birthday party. We love and miss you so very, very much!!! Mom, Dad and Baby Brother

Lastly, Sunday is International Babylost Mother's Day:

I really hadn't thought much about all of these dates lining up in a row, but I have been so involved in getting ready for his birthday fundraiser celebration, that it didn't sink in, until now. 

Wishing all of the mother's that are missing their children a peaceful day on Sunday. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday River!

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