Saturday, April 30, 2011

River's 2nd Birthday!

Well, we are officially nearing the end of River's second birthday. It was quite a day! It was a bit emotional, just very hard to believe that I survived another year without him in my arms, or chasing him around the house! I feel a bit exhausted, but I wanted to share a few of the special moments:

We were busy working on things for next weekend's big event, and we had a few of his candles lit this morning. It gave me peace, seeing those candles shining so bright. Next, we went to the office, to meet River's grandmothers to finish up some other things for next weekend...we accomplished a lot today. Thank you sooo much to Grandma Brenda and Grandma Paula for making this a success!

After we finished up there, we went to the cemetery and tied his birthday balloon up, and we began to see the rain (that had been here ALL day) finally break up, just in time for dinner! We had planned a small BBQ gathering and the sun was shining strong by the time we sat down to eat.

We ate our birthday cake (which was cheesecake that his baby brother loved) and we let these balloons go, two beautiful balloons with birthday wishes for him! See the bright glow in the cloud on the right? My mom and I noticed it in both of our pictures, it was just breathtaking.

We rounded out the day, with this beautiful sunset. It was very obvious that River was with us today. We received so many birthday wishes for him as well as so much support, it was amazing and it was so touching to know that so many people remembered him today.

In a few short minutes, International Babylost Mothers Day will arrive in the Midwest, my thoughts and prayers are with so many families, that I know are missing their children. My hope today is that all of them know that I am praying for peace, knowing that their children live in our hearts always. 


Paula said...

Very nicely done Deanna! We did get alot accomplished and the evening was awesome.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday River. I love the candle with his picture on it

New Year Mum said...

Happy birthday to your darling River... love to you both on IBLM Day too. Thinking of you always xoxo

Helping All Little Ones said...

Happy birthday River!

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