Monday, March 7, 2011


In the beginning of this world of grief, I really wondered how God could have taken my sweet River from my life. Then I realized that He didn't, and that it was He who brought my precious son into my life. I believe with my whole heart that God actually gave me time with my sweet baby.
River wasn't responsive when he was born, due to the cord around his neck, twice. He came back from that, to grace us with 6 days full of love stronger than I had ever known. God didn't take him from me, He allowed me time with him. Time for me to be his mother, time to enjoy my pregnancy and the short week we had with him in our arms. I couldn't think of a better gift!
The saying that "God doesn't give you more than you can handle," has got to be one of the worst things anyone can say to a grieving person. What I think people mean is the following:

This makes much more sense to me!

I have to thank my dear friend, Kelly at
Kix Photo, for taking this picture for me. It reminds me that I can handle this, with God's help. He has given me the tools and the people in my life to keep helping others and keep moving forward. It reminds me that my strength comes from my faith and River giving me the nudge to keep going every day. It makes me realize that River was given to me, as a gift to enjoy for however long I chose, and I choose to enjoy him every day of my life.


Tiffany said...

This is exactly the way I feel! I hate when people say "God doesn't give you more than you can handle"! To me, it makes God seem heavy-handed and a little mean! I like to think grace, courage, hope and fatih are what He gives us to keep going. Thank you for sharing this!

New Year Mum said...

That's a beautiful quote... I've never heard it before but it makes so much sense. You are such a loving mum and I'm sure River will be with you every day of your life and longer xoxo

Monica said...

I have that same quote on my personal blog! I love it!

Helping All Little Ones said...

So true! What a great quote. And I am sure River is so proud of how you have handled what you have been given.

sweetie3 said...

I just came across your blog from a comment you made on another one. This particular post is so uplifting in the face of struggles. So many people believe that God gives and takes away...there is even a song that says that. But, I believe simply GOD GIVES! He does not take precious babies from their mothers. He gives them to them. I have never exprienced the loss you have, but I want to learn how to be a help to people who have gone thru tramatic experiences, as I am in nursing school. I believe you have a story to share and I'm praying that God gives your more opportunities to share your the short time that I've been reading your blog it seems that you have a great testimony.

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