Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am awful at decision making. This has been true my whole life. I think it got worse when River died. I am so bad at it, that I couldn't decide what to do with this blog and therefore missed Small Bird Studios wait list! Oh well, there's always next month, I hope I can make up my mind!

I did make a decision about something I want do for all of the families I've met that are missing their children. We have an annual event in memory of River, called River's Run and Ride Rally. This year it happens to be the weekend of Mother's Day. I wanted to somehow include all of the children that are now angels. This is my idea:

1)I will purchase these stars (I think they are roughly 8" in size):

2) For a donation of $10.00 to River's Run and Ride Rally, I will write your child's name on the star of your color choice (blue, silver or pink) and display this at our event.

3) I will email you a picture of the stars hanging together, as well as mail your star to you after our event is over. I am also going to attach the following saying upon mailing: "Perhaps the stars in the sky are loved ones letting us know they are near by guiding us through the night."

All you need to do is make your donation here (click on the donate button in the sidebar) and in the notes field, please include your child's first name, the color star you would like, the email address of where to send the picture and where I should mail the star to upon completion of the event.

I have three goals with this project:
a) to bring smiles to the faces of the families I have met that have lost children, anything with River's name on it makes me so happy.
b) to raise awareness in my community of how losing a child impacts us, I want to visually show them that in a matter of 2 years, we have connected with so many people that are enduring the same loss. I want them to see how many people their donations can help.
c) to raise money for our event, last year we had a matching funds donation and this year we cannot get that again, so we are trying to raise that portion of our proceeds.

So, if you'd like to participate in this, please let me know by April 23rd, 2011. Please share this with anyone you know that would appreciate this idea. I look forward to celebrating your children with River at his 2nd birthday party!


New Year Mum said...

Such a lovely idea... you're doing such great work for babyloss families and in River's memory :) xoxo

Tiffany said...

Great idea! I am going to do it now! Today is five months since Ellie got sick- doing this for her (and River) makes me feel a little bit better

Natasha said...

This is such a great idea! Love the stars!!!!

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