Friday, August 26, 2011


I have been really awful at posting anything with substance lately. I will try to do something soon, and share some photographs of our time at Faith's Lodge last week. I am just dealing with a few changes that are actually kind of big, and I have also been working on a few things for our busy September schedule.

My father-in-law is retiring, actually Sunday is his last day as our pastor. That will be a huge difference, as this also means they are moving to their instead of being 4 blocks away, they will be 40 minutes away. They have been wonderful, and I appreciate their help and will miss their constant company.

I went back to school, online. So after 8 years, and never taking an online course, I am a full-time student. I completed the first week, and seemed to get the hang of it, but this is only the first course...Good things will come of this, but it's tricky to be a 30 year old student!

My boss announced that she is leaving and for a small public library with 2 full-time and 2 part-time staff, this is a big deal. I have been there 2 years, and now need to address if I am qualified enough to take her position, and if so, do I apply? A director at the above mentioned library wears many hats and has responsibility of the entire operation, so if I could try for the job, should I?

Lastly, our schedule for September:
5th - retirement party next weekend
10th - Duluth day with great friends (we attended college there together)
17th - Faith's Lodge Open house
24th - Hope Rocks (speaking of which, add making stars to the agenda, order yours soon!)
25th - Tee Up Fore Tots Memorial Classic (mostly being planned by my dear friend, Laura in memory of her babies: Braylyn, Evylyn & Mason)
Busy month with busy weekends!

I am trying to think positive, that is the trick, right? All things happen for a reason? My philosphy is that even if things don't work out, I have survived worse! Well, I think I need to get some sleep, my brain has been analyzing these changes all day. I look forward to sharing some of our trip with you, soon!


Tiffany said...

Deanna, wow that's a lot of stuff going on! You can do it!! Congrats on going back to school! That's exciting! Can't wait to see Faith's Lodge pics!

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