Sunday, November 6, 2011


Things have been crazy... do I say that alot? I'm pretty sure I do! Well, I don't think that I have followed through on sharing many photos of all of the happenings around here. I wanted to share two that warmed my heart and helped me realize the beauty that has become River's life.

Two and a half years ago today, we said goodbye to him. We held him the last time alive, we kissed him and hugged our sweet boy. Little did we know. It is so hard to believe it has been that long, but it also feels like a lifetime ago. Well, it was, his lifetime anway.

Last weekend, we went to Faith's Lodge and planted the last of the four trees we bought. We were only able to plant one on the Restore the Hope day because there still wasn't enough land cleared. The staff and volunteers at Faith's Lodge planted the other two as land became clear. It was a beautiful fall day in November and Asher wanted to help! It is amazing what a little personality he has and how grown up he is becoming.

Daddy and Brother with River's last tree.
 It wasn't until a friend of mine, whom I first met at this amazing place, pointed out that because of this devastation (referring to both the storm and the grief) I was able to take this beautiful picture. A moment that our family will cherish forever. Faith's Lodge on the hillside shows just how much of the land was damaged. This tree is planted by the garden, for those of you that have been there!

Today we attended the Children's Remembrance Service at North Valley Lutheran Church. This was our third time attending. I can't believe that, three services remembering River (and that's just this one!) Last year I spoke and shared a poem, this year I spoke again and shared my experience finding all of you and shared a quote from a post that I did for Fran's Small Miracles Blog Hop a while back. As we left the service the sun was setting (darn daylight savings time) and it was so beautiful.

I thought of all the children who are so dearly missed.
We spent the last week in Milwaukee for the Wisconsin Library Association. For those of you that don't know (from my changes post), I applied for the director position and got it! It was an incredibly stressful two weeks while the library board interviewed five of us and I waited through three meetings until they decided. That is some of the craziness!

The other craziness has been school, I have completed two classes with an A in both (who knew?) We attended Hope Rocks in September. We got to meet Lynhurst and Rocket Club! Rocket Club's song One More Day is known by many of us. It holds a very special place in our hearts as River is in the video!

It was an honor to meet them, and we shared River with them in person. They were so sweet and very honored to meet parents of the children in their video (there were a number of us there!)

We spent a day in September in Duluth with amazing friends. October included a trip to Madison for the Forever In Our Hearts Remembrance Day, where I got to meet Alissa, see Melissa again and stopped to meet Holly on the way down. It was a beautiful trip, another thing that River has brought to my life.

River's Rally got a new website, we are working on sponsorships for next year already. The Compassionate Friends candle lighting is coming up and then we are to the holiday season, which is something I am not sure I am ready for... I guess we'll deal with that in another post.

I think that catches me up! Thank you all for reading, staying with me during the wild times that happen around here. Spending an entire evening catching up because it takes me so long to post. I love you all! <3

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Wow... you have been so busy. Such a gorgeous idea to plant trees... they will make the area look so beautiful and have so much meaning. Love your photos... and your new website :) Love always xoxo

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