Saturday, October 9, 2010

River's Garden

So, it took me so long to start this blog when I really have had a lot happen as well as a lot to say about River and his life with us.

Shortly, and I mean very shortly after River passed away, we began a memorial garden at our house. Ben began digging for a river and pond, we began planting and making way for trees and plants we had gotten at his funeral.
Here we are over a year later and the garden has grown amazingly! There were flowers in the garden from March until now...October. There are still blooms, although I wonder how much longer they will last with winter moving in quickly!

What I want to really say about River's garden is that it has brought life to our home, almost every day I walk to work, there are 4 birds playing in the pond and they always fly up just as I am walking by. Most days, I see a rabbit or two playing around the path and the squirrels have come to love one of the benches that lies just below a walnut tree! They have a collection of walnut shells on that bench, and we have left them. There have also been butterflies, and fireflies, things that never occurred in our yard before this wonderful garden.
It is amazing how something we thought would provide us a way "to take care of River" by tending to the plants has given us so much more! He is bringing these wonderful things to our home and every day I see this I think of how my precious baby boy is watching over his family.

We had Asher out to the garden quite a bit in the spring, but he was much too little to really enjoy it. Later in the summer, there were just too many mosquitoes, but this fall we have had a few opportunities to swing in the garden or lay on a blanket and enjoy the surroundings. I am excited to have him grow up with part of his brother right outside our door.


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