Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Signs of River's Life

Aside from his garden, River shows us he is present in so many ways. Although there is one that has been exceptionally prevalent lately: deer. Ok, so I know that we live in the midwest and deer are not anything out of the ordinary, but almost every day that we visit the cemetery we see deer on our way there or home.

The other evening there were 2 right in the entrance, Ben shockingly yelled "wow" and it scared me as I was in the back seat with Asher. After the Children's Remembrance Service at North Valley Church on Sunday, we stopped again, on our way home. As we left, there were 2 in a field that crossed the road in front of us, only to look to the other side and see 3 more.

Seeing these deer reminded me of other times we saw deer on our way to or from the cemetery. The day we had Asher's 20 week ultrasound, there were 13 or more (we could hardly count them all) crossing the road from the cemetery to a field. We had to stop on the highway to allow them all to cross. Then I recalled shortly after River's funeral, Ben, my mom and I were on our way home from the cemetery and in a field there was a doe, and a small that we could barely see it hopping through the tall grass following its mama.

This beautiful animal has become something that reminds me of River, and a way that he shows me he is with us. Amazing how things I probably would have overlooked before have become such a big part of my life, and of River's.